The ModPod has been designed with mobility, flexibility, sustainability and quality in mind. A solid structure of locally sourced timber, fully fitted with double glazing and louvres, a drop down deck ModPod is an immediate low footprint home built for urban or rural living. 

Living Room


ModPod FloorPlans

The ModPod has been designed for complete flexibility, not only to be relocated to new locations, but also to be expanded from a 1 bedroom home, seamlessly to a 2 or 3 bedroom home. Options are available to customise finishes and bathroom layout. 

With 2.4 metre ceilings (2.1 metre in bathroom), recessed lighting, built in storage and floor to ceiling double glazing, wrapped in light and sense of space. A drop down decking area, sliding double glazed doors provide the ability to bring the outside in, and embrace cross ventilation.  External full height louvres bring privacy and shade adapted as preferred. 


  ModPod 1 bed Tiny House

  ModPod 2 bed tiny house