About Us

Our Vision

LiveLittle’s vision is to connect people with beautifully designed, locally built, small footprint homes.

Our homes are built to residential building standards, with high energy efficiency, and quality finishes.

Everything we expect in a modern home.Made with a solid timber structure, our homes can also be relocated.ModPod is our premium quality home, made from local timber products, floor to ceiling double glazed sliding doors, ducted air conditioning and finished with a full kitchen and ensuite.    

  Our Team

LiveLittle consists of a passionate team, led by civil engineer and urban development professional Leanne McKenzie,
seeking to innovate the houses we live.  

We believe in high quality, locally sourced materials, local design and built homes. 

We also believe houses of great quality should be affordable and flexible to accommodate change. So we have journeyed down a pathway to bring Australians just this.  

Customised options available

Fremantle, Western Australia

0419 041 467

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